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Venetian Windows
Venetian Windows
Lasercut velvet
540 x 100 cm

Inspired by Eighteenth-Century aesthetics and John Ruskin’s reflections upon Venetian architecture, as seen within his art-historical treatise “The Stones of Venice”, the installation “Venetian Windows” is a bespoke project for Tessitura Bevilacqua, made in response to the Business for Art open call of the 13th Arte Laguna Prize. The work, a textile by Tessitura Bevilacqua, was exhibited on the façade of the headquarters of the company on the Grand Canal, between 8th May to 8th July 2019.

The site-specific work was conceived to highlight a precious Venetian fabric, and to strengthen a powerful dialogue between inner and outer space, as well as time. While the textile is subject to deterioration and transformation outside of the building, Bevilacqua’s fabrics are cyclically brought back to life inside the palace.

“Venetian Windows” invites the viewer to experience art on an aesthetic level, as well from an ethical viewpoint. It raises questions about issues artistic heritage conservation, on the background of contemporary Venice: a conflicting local emblem of threatened heritage, constantly put at stake by the challenges of our times. At the same time the work is a homage to the history of Tessitura Bevilacqua, a company that perpetuates the textile tradition of the Serenissima. By doing so, the company heralds the Venetian Renaissance from fifteenth century onwards. Ticca’s work reinterprets the history of the company with a deliberate contemporary twist.The installation consists of a velvet textile, cut with lasercut technique after an original design: a summary of all architectural styles of windows in Venice. The number of cuts is 1376, the span of the independence of the Venetian Republic, from its foundation in 421 AD to 1797, the year of Napoleon’s conquest of the city.