Digital > Veneeds: Views from the Pictorial City

Street art project for Leeds,
consisting of photographic reproductions on Plexiglas of views from Venice, with a size of 22 x 30 cm, positioned in five points of Leeds city centre and Hyde Park area. The pictures would be fixed to elements of urban setting—street lamps, traffic light posts, bench or railings—with a stainless-steel cable.

There are several Victorian buildings in Leeds, which had been inspired by the Venetian neo-gothic revival. Following John Ruskin’s two hugely influential theoretical works, The Seven Lamps of Architecture (1849) and The Stones of Venice (1853), British architects of the second half of the nineteenth century took architectural details of Gothic and Renaissance Venice to build a new northern style. Such a tendency, though, mixed traditional British building materials—bricks, lead and wood—which interacted with Venetian lagoon’s architectural history.